The condition of the Petaluma Masonic Hall is good! If you haven‟t been down to visit the hall in a few weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do. The fresh coat of paint outside is already beginning to showcase the building and improve the curb appeal in such a way that it makes a man proud to be a member of the Petaluma Hamilton Freemasons‟ Lodge. This investment in the long term health of the Fraternity‟s building caps a two-year effort which last year brought new carpets to the third floor and paint to the interior walls on that level. Even though we are faced with a need to scale back on our spending next year in order to recoup some of the investment, we are hoping to invest more sweat equity at the great work party events every other month where you can make a difference and be a part of the fun we have.
If you haven‟t been down here for months and visit, you will be very pleased. It would certainly be worthwhile to attend the stated meeting or dinner on the first Thursday of the month. Next month, why not share your feelings with your brothers? We are proud to be a part of a great and lasting legacy. It‟s not just a building or a community, but an experience worth sharing. If there are young men that you know who are interested in that experience, why shouldn‟t you bring them along with you to the next dinner or open house where they might learn of a building not made of stone?
Best regards,
Don Nicodemus
President, Petaluma Masonic Hall Association