This past month has been a busy one.

Last month I asked you all “What do we stand for?”. Since my writing of that article the question has become increasingly more important, to me personally as well as our Fraternity at large. The events of the past month have caused me to meditate even more on this question, while adding another: “What can we do to help heal the world?”

On August 4th, 2017 my son was born. He is our second child, and his big sister is enamored with him. He was born healthy, and my wife is recovering nicely from a (comparatively) easy birth. I see how our daughter wants to play with and hold her baby brother. I see how much my wife and I love both of them so much more than words can adequately describe. And I see how all of our friends love them, and us, too.

What do we stand for? I would say that we stand for turning ourselves into the best version of ourselves that we can. I would say that we stand for doing what is right in the world. I would say that we stand for coming together as a community, because both of the previously goals are more easily achieved when among Family.

Which brings us to what we can do to help heal the world. In times of trial it becomes important for us to strengthen those bonds between us. We need to be there for each other, to provide support and counsel to our Masonic Family. By coming together we will make ourselves better, not only as individuals, but also as a Fraternity. A strong Fraternity, guided by Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, can do a lot of good in our community. There is plenty of necessary good work for us to do.

So, I encourage you all to come to our next Stated Meeting Dinner. It will be provided and served by our very own Rainbow Girls. It will be an opportunity for us to strengthen those important bonds we share. And then, we will all be better equipped to do the work of Freemasonry, and in a small part help heal our world.

With Love,
Alexander M Saslow
Junior Warden