Master’s message

Time to get back to work! After the Labor Day holiday, referring not only to resuming our degree conferral practices but also to our efforts to reach out to our members. Each one of our 145 members of this Lodge has a contribution to make and it’s up to us as the leaders of this lodge to discover what each one of us can do to contribute to this body that we pay yearly dues to. We all joined Masonry for a reason and I’d like an update on how that reason has proven true for you. If not, then how can I help.

This month, we will host our Ladies, and the widows of our members, for a special luncheon at the Lodge on September 16th, at 1 PM. We would like to inform them of all the important ways in which our Grand Lodge has provided help for us when needed later in life or when life throws us an unexpected turn of misfortune. But also, it gives us an opportunity to say “Thank You” for your patience when we are away from home for our meetings and for your companionship with us through life. Look for the invitations in the mail soon.

Last month we were honored to host our Very Worshipful Grand Treasurer, Arthur Salazar, to come up from Southern California to teach us some very useful information about forming a Lodge and Hall budget.

He was very knowledgeable and interesting but unfortunately only a few attended despite our efforts to spread the word. Also last month was the inaugural Barbeque Cook-off, held in beautiful downtown Bloomfield, which was organized by our Brothers, Brian Brozovic and Past Master Rich Fonseca with others from Vitruvius Lodge. It was a delicious and super fun way to spend a Saturday and our lodge team contributed very well.

In October 13-15 we will be representing our Lodge at the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of California, held in San Francisco. The legislation is out and available to discuss as to how it pertains to all of us. It bears repeating that the Grand Lodge consists of the Masters and Wardens of every Lodge in California, together with the current and past Grand Lodge Officers, and Past Masters of this jurisdiction. Combined, we determine how the fraternity will operate in California using the Constitution of the Grand Lodge. The legislation presented this year is how we alter, or not, this Constitution by a vote of those present at our Annual Communication.

This process is how the Constitution was written and amended from the beginning of the Grand Lodge in California in 1850.

And so my Brothers, this Lodge number 180 is your Lodge to make and decide how it should be operated, as well as what it should be concerned with. We meet once a month, according to our Bylaws, for a business meeting where we make decisions for everyone who pays dues to belong to this Lodge. Your voice at these meetings is your vote how we should proceed in the community and individually to each other. You’ve made your payment for the dues, now represent yourself at our business meetings and get involved in the decisions. We’ll give you dinner before to encourage you to come to the meeting and I promise, you will be greeted warmly by your Brothers.

I’ll be the first to say, “Welcome back.”

Guy M. Chalmers