Worshipful William “Woody” Purdy

Happy Summer!

We are halfway through the year and I am eager to see what a big splash we can make with the upcoming BBQ. We’re beginning to see a bit of a shift from the past in how we plan events, specifically, with pairing up with other lodges. This leads me to look over what I have been taught regarding Brethren coming together.

Who best can work, and best agree rings true, and we see active participation by Brethren from multiple lodges who set aside any differences they may have and agree to work together for the benefit of the craft, and the local Masonic community. This makes me proud to be a Petaluma Mason.

I see from time to time, Brethren who go out of their way to lend a helping hand, in degree work, teaching candidates, or
pick up slack that needs attention. Not for any accolade, but because they know that many hands make for light work.

This is the type of Freemasonry that grows our fraternity, and if we can reach out, even a little bit, it can only benefit us all.

See you at the BBQ!
William Purdy
Senior Warden