This is the time of year when we Officers of the Lodge begin to evaluate how our efforts have improved the Lodge and what we can do better. One of the big results of this evaluation is our choice of the Mason of the Year, who, I’m happy to announce, is Brother Brian Brozovic. In the program booklet for his presentation on 8/5, I’ve stated:

Our choice of this brother to be the Mason of the Year for our Lodge has been apparent from the many efforts he has made to contribute to our Lodge and to be the best Mason he can be. Brian affiliated with Petaluma Hamilton one year ago from Texas, where he was initiated in 2007, and from the start of his membership has been actively involved. He was appointed as Steward and has happily performed far beyond those duties. At the beginning of this year he was elected to the Hall Association and recently assumed the task of Secretary for that body. He is active in the events committee, even co-chair of a district wide barbeque competition. Brian has shown by his actions his dedication to our Craft and is an example of a brother who takes the lessons of Masonry to heart in his everyday life.

We are now in the second month of a summer break when practices, conferrals, and events are put aside for vacations, school breaks, family reunions, and other more important family time. Toward the end of this month, on August 26th, we will participate in a barbeque cook-off and major Masonic get together in beautiful downtown Bloomfield.

Worshipful Past Master, Rich Fonseca, with Brian Brozovic, have been working very hard to organize this inaugural event and have invited lodges to participate from as far away as Oakland. We anticipate a large crowd, not only for the extensive food but also for the live music and various side-lights. Bring your whole family and friends, and a hearty appetite, to this event meant to be memorable.

For our Stated Meeting family night dinner on Thursday, August 3rd, our participating barbeque team will prepare the meal featuring some meaty country style pork ribs, corn on the cob, and an all American apple pie with ice cream. Our Brother Junior Warden, Alex Saslow, will be heading the dinner preparation and I’m sure he’d be very happy to see a larger than usual dinner crowd. This is a good time to bring your friends who may be interested to know what the Masonic fraternity looks like. Bring yourself and enjoy a wholesome meal, compliments of the Lodge, won’t cost a thing and you won’t have to do the dishes. It would be considerate to call Alex at 707-762-4171 and tell him how many to expect so he can prepare, thank you.

Finally, as our Secretary, Wor. Past Master Joe Zusin, is compiling the member list to pay the per capita tax to Grand Lodge, check your dues card to see if it is valid until 12/31/17, and if not, please return your payment to bring your membership current. The per capita (each member) is $46.50, which amount enables our Grand Lodge to offer the several truly great programs to us and marks California as the best in our Country, of which we are very proud, as with our own beautiful Lodge. See for yourself on August 3rd at our Family Night Dinner and Stated Meeting, I look forward to seeing you then.

Guy M. Chalmers,