Hello Brothers, Friends and Family,

We have been met with some challenges and some successes so far this Spring. The Petaluma Hall Association brunch went very well on Saturday, May 6. We had a good turnout and a number of needed tasks were completed. There were other improvements in the past weeks. The city finally reinstalled the hands on the clock and changed the mechanism so that it is now giving the correct time and tolling at the top of the hour. The city does own the clock, but the tower is part of the Petaluma Masonic Hall. Together it is a symbol of a vital future for the downtown area of which the Masons are an important part. We are hoping to continue our efforts to revitalize the building and the area by having some professional cleaning and painting done this summer to the exterior of the building. The colors won’t change but we do expect a fresher look.

We need the participation of our brothers in the lodge to keep the building in good condition and ready for various functions. This is especially true this year given that it is the 300th anniversary of the founding of the first Grand Lodge from which we draw our early inspiration. We need participation from each and every member of the lodge in some form. Quite coincidentally, we recently had two brothers step down from their position as Petaluma Masonic Hall Association Directors within about a month of each other because of family obligations or because they were moving out of the area. While we thank those brothers for their efforts in the past, it is time for other brothers, perhaps you, to step up and fill the vacancy on the Hall Association. It is a great time to join the board because very soon we will be taking advantage of some of the training for board members that is offered by the Grand Lodge of California. You don’t need to have a lot of experience with buildings or meetings, but we do want brothers who are willing to pitch in and help with what they can. Being a board member is a great opportunity to learn and develop your leadership skills. I for one am committed to developing leadership skills in all board members. Other Directors will help you as well. Vacancies will be filled at one of the upcoming meetings of the Petaluma Hamilton Masonic Lodge # 180. Consider becoming a Director and if you have questions about what’s involved, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Don Nicodemus
Petaluma Masonic Hall Association
(530) 957-893