FB_IMG_1461289609945Happy Holidays, Brothers! We sure are in full swing wrapping up the year, Elections, Degrees, Visitations, and the Holidays!  Petaluma-Hamilton is abuzz with activity. I would like to again congratulate our new Master Mason Kirk Zaro!  He has worked hard to get to this point and the degree conferral is well-earned. I would also like to thank the degree team, without your hard work and dedication it would not be possible to advance our fellow brother Masons.

But the work is not finished yet, we have a first degree coming up for the month of December as our roster continues to grow with men who wish to be active in our Masonic community.  I’m delighted to welcome my friend William Chubb to the craft, and look forward to participating in his initiation.  Won’t you make an effort to attend?  I know he would deeply appreciate your presence, and I know I will.

We’ve been working steadily to improve our lodge and have recently made some new purchases to make our living room more comfortable for our guests and ourselves. We’ve been steadily brightening up the place with new paint new carpet new lamps and upholstering the antique couch on the third floor.  Why are we doing such?  The answer is simple, we’re trying to beautify our lodge in anticipation for the 300th Year celebration of Freemasonry. The celebration is to commence at our installation and it is hoped that you will attend and help us welcome the tricentennial celebration.  The number 3, as we all know, bears a special significance to us, so this is going to be a momentous occasion!

We also have our big event of the year coming up, our Christmas party, and it’s expected to be a good time I understand that we may even have a jolly man in a red suit appearing and bringing gifts for the children. I certainly do hope that if you’re attending but you’ll give the elves proper notification so that we can make sure that each child gets a gift.

We hope you can attend.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
William “Woody” Purdy