In April of 1986 the Petaluma and Novato Lodges consolidated, becoming one body of Masonry to serve Sonoma and North Marin Counties. Below is the letter distributed to all members of both Lodges, signed by then Worshipful Master Wilhelm E. Slubik asking for the membership to vote on the final step of this process, distributed thirty years ago.

February 8, 1986

My Brother,

As you are aware, as a result of the in ability of Hamilton Lodge No. 751 to continue to function without officers, a joint committee was formed between Hamilton Lodge and our own lodge. At their stated meeting of 4 December, 1985, following a report from this committee, the members of Hamilton present voted in favor of pursuing consolidation with Petaluma Lodge. At the February 6, 1986 stated meeting, Petaluma Lodge No. 180 voted to pursue consolidation.

The consolidation committee met in January of 1986 and arrived at the following terms of agreement:

  1. The name of the consolidated lodge will be Petaluma-Hamilton Lodge No. 180
  2. The consolidated lodge will meet at the Petaluma Temple.
  3. Stated meeting will be on the first Thursday of the month.
  4. The fees for degrees will be $139.0.
  5. The fees for affiliation will be $25.00.
  6. Yearly dues will be $36.00.
  7. April 1, 1986 will be the effective date of consolidation with the following officers:
Master- Wilhelm Slubik
Senior Warden- Charles MacNichols, P.M.
Junior Warden- Otto Horst
Treasurer- Emil J. Mogel, Sr., P.M.
Secretary- Lenoard Smith.

Your vote in favor of consolidation with Hamilton Lodge will give us a total membership of 427 members, and a more active lodge with a stronger financial base.

In order for us to complete the consolidation process, Grand Lodge requires consent of 75% of the membership. Enclosed is a ballot on which you are requested to indicate your consent. Please return it as soon as possible. Be sure to vote, sign and date the ballot.

It is essential that you vote and return the enclosed ballot immediately in order not to delay the completion of the consolidation procedure. Consolidation can only take place at the beginning of a quarter and we are hoping to make the April 1, 1986 date indicated above. Delay in receiving your ballots could result in a three month delay in consolidation.

Upon consolidation, the “new” lodge will take title to all properties of both Petaluma Lodge and Hamilton Lodge in accordance to Section 2104 b of the C.M.M. This includes the Hamilton temple, Petaluma Temple, Lodge paraphanelia [sic] and funds for both lodges. The consolidation committee has determined that this will not result in a hardship for the consolidated lodge.

Thank you for your prompt cooperation.

Fraternally yours,
Wilhelm E. Slubik [signed]
Wilhelm E. Slubik, Master