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Freemasonry is a progressive moral science, and thousands of volumes have been published about its history, traditions, values, and effect on the world. Here we have a small collection of popular articles, most of which were written by officers of Petaluma-Hamilton Lodge #180 itself! Much of this content comes from our trestleboard, a monthly newsletter to our members and friends.

Our most recent entries appear below, but you can also look for a specific category of articles by using the links to the right. Have something to contribute? Email our webmaster!


From the East (September)

Master’s message Time to get back to work! After the Labor Day holiday, referring not only to resuming our degree conferral practices but also to our efforts to reach out to our members. Each one of our 145 members of this Lodge has a contribution to make and it’s up...

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From the South (August)

Brethren, What do we stand for? As individuals, as community members, as masons, and as a Lodge, what do we stand for? Who are we? What are we currently doing to make those around us happier, and the world a better place? And most importantly: How do we get from where...

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From the West (August)

Happy Summer! We are halfway through the year and I am eager to see what a big splash we can make with the upcoming BBQ. We're beginning to see a bit of a shift from the past in how we plan events, specifically, with pairing up with other lodges. This leads me to look...

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From the East (August)

This is the time of year when we Officers of the Lodge begin to evaluate how our efforts have improved the Lodge and what we can do better. One of the big results of this evaluation is our choice of the Mason of the Year, who, I’m happy to announce, is Brother Brian...

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From the Hall (July)

Brothers, Happy Fourth of July! The republic was set in motion 241 years ago by men including many Freemasons who could not accept the tyranny of an elite few and demanded fundamental human rights including freedom of speech, press, and association. We also just had...

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From the South (July)

Brothers, One of my favorite aspects of Freemasonry is our focus on self-improvement, emblematically represented by the Rough Ashlar and the Smooth Ashlar. It acknowledges that we are fallible and imperfect, but are always striving to better ourselves. We use the...

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