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Freemasonry is a progressive moral science, and thousands of volumes have been published about its history, traditions, values, and effect on the world. Here we have a small collection of popular articles, most of which were written by officers of Petaluma-Hamilton Lodge #180 itself! Much of this content comes from our trestleboard, a monthly newsletter to our members and friends.

Our most recent entries appear below, but you can also look for a specific category of articles by using the links to the right. Have something to contribute? Email our webmaster!


From the East (October)

Does the month of October just make you feel spooky? Something about the change of season to autumn and the yellow and gold colors signals that nature, having given us our harvest, is telling us it‟s time for the plants to begin to prepare for the winter. Then it‟s...

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From the Hall Association (October)

The condition of the Petaluma Masonic Hall is good! If you haven‟t been down to visit the hall in a few weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do. The fresh coat of paint outside is already beginning to showcase the building and improve the curb appeal in...

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Today In Masonic History

Today in Masonic History we present The Forget-Me-Not and Anti-Freemasonry in Nazi Germany. Most Freemasons, and Freemasonry as a whole, are particularly mindful of our heritage. Both the most experienced Master Mason and the newest Entered Apprentice can appreciate...

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From the South (September)

Brethren, This past month has been a busy one. Last month I asked you all “What do we stand for?”. Since my writing of that article the question has become increasingly more important, to me personally as well as our Fraternity at large. The events of the past month...

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