— by Brother William R. Fischer

Have you ever asked yourself, of all the people I know who do you consider to be wise? Who would you consider to be a hero? Who would you consider to be rich? Who would you honor?

Some of the wisest people known lived in the same small town their whole lives and never ventured more than fifty miles from it. They became wise through listening to others who traveled, and talked to those who had already learned. They were seekers of knowledge, but not adventures.

A hero, it is said, is a person who overlooks the fear and does what is necessary to save others. We can not always forget the danger because fear or self-preservation stops us from placing our-selves in mortal jeopardy. Those who say “I didn’t think about it I just did it” are the ones who push their fear aside and did what was needed. They subdued their passions.

Have you ever had the misfortune of watching those night time soap operas like Dallas, Dynasty, or Falcon Crest. People rich beyond belief with no morals. They selfishly devour everything in their path. They are not happy with just their share, but want everyone else share too. There is no portion large enough for them.

When we honor a person we show him kindness, love, consideration and most of all respect. Mainly because he has shown kindness, love, consideration and respect towards others. He has helped and honored people through out his life. So when we ask the question:

Who is wise? — He who learns from all men.

Who is a hero? — He who subdues his passions.

Who is rich? — He who is happy with his portion in life.

Who is honored? — He who honors others.