Guy_ChalmersCurious that how I teach others to write what they think, I find myself without words to write. So I’m going to practice what I preach and give you whatever comes to mind.

Your mind goes in as many directions as there are prisms of light, so the first thing to do is to focus on something, something like meditating where you calm your thoughts and focus on your breathing. Along the way to relaxation, sort out the subjects until you find one that interests you more than the others and call up all your thoughts on the subject that come to mind. It’s surprising the images that pop up in your minds eye.

Then elaborate. Today, I’m thinking of next year in our Lodge as we celebrate the 300-year anniversary of the Craft of Freemasonry, 17172017. Craft in that it takes skill to accomplish, skill of memory and persistence. Skill to practice out of the Lodge those great moral duties which we have learned within. And knowledge, which when obtained, leads us to greater truths, which in turn challenges us to be better humans. These things happen to the students of the Craft.

I’d like to announce to the City of Petaluma that the grand building under the town clock holds a school of men who are trying to learn how to become better men, is a historic architectural building from the beginning of this town, and proudly proclaim that the Freemasons own it and have operated within it since it was built; That many of the prominent population of this town have been Masons and made significant contributions to its prosperity. Also, mention that the clock belongs to the City.

During the coming year I’d like to contact each member of this Lodge (150) and ask, “Why did you join this fraternity of men and what can you do to make it more interesting?” I’d like to introduce our Craft to the newspapers to specify who we are, what we do, why we do it, and that we cannot ask you to join, you must ask us. Also, that we are secret only with our business records, not the lessons we learn or where they come from. In fact, we’re rather proud of the bible.

In my mind’s eye, I see a happy Lodge, where the curious find answers, where the lonely find likeminded souls to converse with, and a place where we can find an oasis free of the stress and competition outside, where we can practice Masonry and learn how to do various things like speak and write. That’s the subject, I’ll write about Freemasonry. Just write what’s on your mind. Have a wonderful Holiday season.

Guy Chalmers PM