— by Christopher C. Wright, PM

I would personally like to welcome all of our continuing and incoming Officers who are going to help lead and direct the Lodge through 2017. This year has seen our Lodge move forward in many ways, both in membership outreach and internal organization. We have fostered harmony and cooperation between Lodges across Northern California and even managed to have some fun at the same time.

The Worshipful Master has done a fantastic job this year and though the burdens of leadership are many, he weathered and surpassed them with grace and strength, an example worthy of all emulation.

Without further ado I present to you the 2017 officers for Petaluma-Hamilton #180!

Elected Officers

  • Worshipful Master – Guy Chalmers, PM
  • Senior Warden – William Purdy
  • Junior Warden – Alex Saslow
  • Treasurer – George Whitten, PM
  • Secretary – Joe Zusin, PM

Appointed Officers

  • Chaplain – David Lopez, PM
  • Assistant Secretary – Martin McKeay, PM
  • Senior Deacon – Don Nicodemus
  • Junior Deacon – David Kinnison
  • Marshall – Scott Taylor
  • Senior Steward – Michael Nadal
  • Junior Steward – Brian Brozovic
  • Tyler – Tim Giddings