— by Kirk Zaro

Socrates suggested that all life is balance and in balance do we find room in our lives for the leading of its greatest pleasure. We cannot say to ourselves we have plenty or want for nothing if we have not balance to ground ourselves upon during storms of adversity, whereby the very essence of ourselves is tested.

The great Solomiac pillars, cast by Abiff himself and festooning the entrance of the Temple no doubt were a symbol of everlasting strength and an outward sign that some things, at least, do not change. Corresponding to the Three Great Supports of Masonry (wisdom, strength, and beauty) the pillars fulfilled two of these three requisite supports.

Metaphorically standing astride the two ideals, we provide the all important third support; beauty or balance. If we are to be balanced and on a level footing with ourselves and those around us we must have the guiding pillar of wisdom to guide us. Without wisdom, or the sense to look beyond ourselves in order to discover what is inherently “wrong” or “right” we are lost. We are off-balance.

With knowledge but lacking the fortitude or strength of conviction to see wisdom’s true fruit bear in good action toward the wider world, our best intentions fade like water in the dry dust. We need both. We need balance.

This degree serves to remind those who study it that all is balance and that we must stand within proper reach of both strength and wisdom to allow for the best parts of us to be shown to the world.