FB_IMG_1461289609945Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, no gifts, no expectations, just time with friends and family with good food.  At least that’s been my tradition, so in continuance of this, I invite you to our November stated meeting where we can all come together and enjoy some time with each other’s company.

It’s election time again, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the brother’s that we only see in the month of November each year, your votes count, and it will be good to catch up!

Looking back into October, I would like to thank all of the brethren who volunteered to help Healdsburg with their degrees.  Your actions are vital to build a stronger Sonoma County Freemasonry core.

Also, I would like to thank the brothers who went to Grand Communications with Guy and me.  I trust that your travels with us were fulfilling and informative.

November also brings a visitation to Prince Hall lodge.  I have no doubt that all who attend will have a great time, and will learn a new angle on our Craft.

We also expect to raise Brother Kirk Zaro to the sublime degree of Master Mason, please make every attempt to attend the degree.

Between the visitations, the degree, and the holidays, we have enough work on our plate, and with that,

Happy Thanksgiving!

William “Woody” Purdy