Guy_ChalmersMy Brothers,

Last month we looked at how we learn. This time let me ask – why? Is there an inborn human trait we’re born with to question everything and even go so far as to ask, why are we here? We’re all born helpless, but for our Mother’s love, then something clicks in and we begin to seek help, or perish. We adapt to the environment as our minds develop an understanding. But still, this unquenchable thirst for knowledge keeps asking how, when, and where, then why.

When we joined this fraternity of Freemasons, there must have been some hint that answers might be found here, pieces of the puzzle fell into place and some of the guys actually deciphered the code. We had to work to understand the parables and unlock the mysteries. There was reward everywhere from meetings, rituals, dinners, friendships, activities, trusting and being trusted. Maybe we’ve come to close to the sun that our wings are melting. Then you stopped. Didn’t go to meetings, talk to those friendships, or even acknowledge you are a Mason. Why?

Let me state the obvious, our meeting place is squarely in the middle of Petaluma, even though the City’s clock doesn’t work. The building is very stately outside with reputable businesses . It’s safe, nicely appointed inside, going so far as to say warm and friendly. With around a hundred members, there’s bound to be some kindred spirit, pretty much the same as modern society, and all asking, why are we here?

I think we come to Masonry to learn to cope with life, it seems to have a universal message of brotherly love, believes in charity for all mankind, seeks truth in everything – just what we wanted when we joined, but different, better. Maybe you stopped coming before you experienced that. It’s still here, come back with questions and we’ll work on them together, meet some of the smart young fellas, make new friends. We know who you are, you’re a Mason.

Guy Chalmers PM
Senior Warden