We have several degrees coming up now that we have elected David Sonnenberg to receive the first degree of masonry.  I also expect an application from another prospective member at the July meeting. Vern Dorethy is long past due for his 3rd degree, and I want to set an official date of August 25th, which will give us time to prepare, and have the date well acquainted for sideline participation. July will be dark, even though we have a lot going on. It’s important that we take time to rest and refresh ourselves so that these degrees come out perfect. That being said, here is my proposed schedule for the coming months.

July – Dark August 4th – Stated Meeting August 11th – Initiation August 18th – 3rd Degree practice August 25th – 3rd Degree

Our events are only possible if the Masons of the lodge, not just the officers, participate in the planning, implementation and cleanup of any event.  Without you, we do not have the manpower to have any meaningful event.  Instead of complaining, or passing on suggestions on how to have a worthy event, why not volunteer? I would love for any available brethren to participate and contribute to the prosperity of the lodge, and our future.  If you can spare the time, your presence is appreciated.

Thank you gentlemen,
William “Woody” Purdy
Petaluma-Hamilton #180