FB_IMG_1461289601570Happy June everyone!

It’s hard to believe that this year is about halfway over, but it still feels like we’re just beginning!  As we progress through the year, we have attracted the attention of several gentlemen who have expressed interest in our craft.  This is a great start, but it’s just that, a start.  What we as a lodge need to do is invest in our membership and potential members, and the only way we can do that is through the participation of the brothers.  Many of our members are called away from lodge for important purposes and reasons, and this is understandable, family obligations, career, and sometimes just having time for yourself.  All of these reasons are very valid, however, when you chose to be a member of the lodge, entitling you to all of the rights and privileges therein, it’s not without investment.  We can’t exist unless we have participation, and many hands make light work.

What I’m looking for is members of Petaluma-Hamilton who may not have time to become an officer, but still want to participate.  We have formed a new committee headed up by our Junior Deacon Don Nicodemus, the Prospective Member committee. Simply put, the responsibilities of the prospective member committee is to reach out and get to know those men who have expressed interest and to act as a friend and mentor to them while they see if Petaluma is the right place to find Freemasonry.

It’s that easy, I’m asking any brother to help us make friends by making friends of those who have sought friendship in us.

Your lodge needs you, will you assist?

William “Woody” Purdy
Petaluma-Hamilton #180