Guy_Chalmers“And away we go!” The New Year has started and we have begun the ambitious term of Worshipful Woody. He has given us a clear picture of his expectations and goals and now it is up to us, as Officers of this lodge, to see them carried out. Happily!

As your Senior Warden, it is my duty to advise and promote the Candidates and their Coaches through their proficiencies and introduction to the Lodge. We will conduct several education programs to achieve this, beginning in February with any scholarship applications from high school seniors. If you know of a worthy student planning to attend college please let me know and I will help them fill out the applications.

In March we will sponsor an open house open to the public to introduce the teachings and organization of our Fraternity. This will tie in with the acknowledgement of our Youth Orders and their recognition as a part of Freemasonry’s outreach. All along, each month, I will charge my Education Committee, and our Lodge members, to present short talks, not formal just informative, about some interesting aspect of our Craft which we can give at our Stated Meetings.

Worshipful Woody has given us a fresh outlook about conducting the business of the Lodge, bringing new ideas and exciting plans to motivate this Lodge into the future. I hope that every member can see that we are progressing through our younger Officers into a fresh approach to what it means to be a Mason in today’s culture. With the guidance of us older and experienced members, this transition will produce more new members to join and the legacy of Freemasonry to continue to inspire our country, God willing. May the “Force” be with us.

Guy M. Chalmers, PM