wpurdy_masterGreetings Petaluma Masons,

I would like to thank you for welcoming me into the new year as the Master of the Lodge.  My vision for the ensuing Masonic year is “building a foundation for the future”, and my vision is an ambitious one.  In this technological age, one with many conveniences, people can come together virtually, and the need for personal  comradeship and face to face interaction is waning.  I aim to challenge that notion, as I aim to challenge a perceived obsolescence, I want to see our lodge develop to adapt to the modern technological age, but just as important is honoring our ancient traditions and customs.  I believe we can accomplish both without losing our identity, and my plan while being an ambitious one, it is also a manageable one.  It is my belief that 2016 is going to be a great year to be a Petaluma Mason.

We have several projects that we are working on, in particular is our Lodge Website. We hope to have a new Website in place in the coming months. I welcome any and all bids for the Website. Please contact me personally via my email if you wish to assist in this.

It has come to my attention that in order to maintain effective and orderly financials, and to ease any burden on our Treasurer and Secretary, reimbursement requests will need to be submitted no later than the Friday before our stated meeting. If you anticipate a reimbursement after that day, we need to know beforehand in anticipation, if there are questions about this, please speak with me in person.

Lastly, I wish to express that my ultimate goal of 2016 is to maintain harmony in the Lodge.  Regardless of our different goals and perspectives, Masonry unites us together through those possible disagreements and emphasizes the bonds of brotherhood through civility and respect.  I as Master of the Lodge welcome different opinions and ideas and also unity through harmony.

I’m available should any of you need of me, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

Sincerely and fraternally,
William “Woody” Purdy
Worshipful Master 2016